Catherine Faint Entertainment, founded in 1994, is a diverse entertainment company that provides multiple services including, technical and production crews for live entertainment and events, talent buying and border service consultation for international artists entering Canada. We appreciate the opportunity to assist world-renowned artists and corporate clients create memorable experiences.

Cathie Faint

Owner/Operator | President of the CMAOntario | 5 consecutive CCMA Booking Agent of the Year Award Winner

Cathie’s experience of over 40 years in the Canadian music industry, has given her the opportunity to work in many aspects of this business. Working as an agent, Cathie garnered 5 consecutive Canadian Country Music Awards for Booking Agent of the Year. Working as a talent buyer and producer for corporate events led to the company providing technical/productions services and border services consultations to many artists and corporate clients.

In 2017, as a way of giving back to the country music community, she accepted the role of President of CMAOntario and along with the Board of Directors, Cathie has produced 5 annual sold out award shows.

As a true Aries, Cathie exudes a pioneering and adventurous spirit, a visionary perspective, entrepreneurial leadership and endless enthusiasm for the entertainment industry. She is an avid reader of all things sci-fi, adventure and metaphysical. She is also very happy when outside with her dogs and on her long walks through trails and forests.

Sylvia Mason

Director | HR | Talent Buyer | Staffing - Technical and Production Crews

As Director of Catherine Faint Entertainment, Sylvia oversees the Staffing -Technical and Production crews, including all facets of HR and Health & Safety. Sylvia looks forward to the expansion of the staffing crews as we continue to provide mentoring, training and workshops to empower those working and also entering the industry.

Sylvia’s experience in the music business started in 1988, when she began as an assistant for an independent country music record label. While learning all she could about the music business (artist management, radio, artist touring, publishing, record sales and distribution) she now enjoys her role as a Talent Buyer and connecting talented artists with corporate clients.

Sylvia is our resident astrologer, whom we look to when we require extra guidance from the stars. She embodies her Leonine traits with her infectious laugh, loyalty and mentoring spirit. She enjoys talking about all things metaphysical and reads biographies and murder mysteries for fun.

Cindy Sutch

Business Development Manager | Border Services | Talent Buyer | Marketing & PR

Cindy has brought her many talents and skills to Catherine Faint Entertainment. Her experience in marketing, business development and public relations has greatly contributed to the company’s advancement into the 21st century.

Within her roles of new business development and marketing, Cindy has helped expand the talent buying portfolio by attracting new clients and artists. Along with developing strategies to further enhance client relationships, she is our expert border services consultant. Cindy provides information and advice to international touring artists entering Canada, and how to make their crossing into Canada seamless.

Cindy’s people skills are exceptional and she embodies the strength, empathy and curiosity of her Leo sun sign. She is currently working towards completing her degree in Indigenous Studies and spends her free time with her family. Cindy is an avid nature lover and is an active board member of S.T.O.R.M. (Save the Oak Ridges Moraine).

Judy Ashby

Financials | A/P | A/R | Payrolls | Bookkeeping

Judy manages everything financial, administers all payrolls, A/P & A/R, HR files and makes sure all our ducks are sitting nicely in a row. From liaising with our clients’ financial counterparts, to ensuring everyone is paid on time, answering our employees’ queries, creating annual reports, handling all legislative requirements and remembering absolutely everything, Judy is our resident money guru.

With her 40 plus years working in financial departments in media related companies, Judy’s expertise has given Catherine Faint Entertainment’s team a solid foundation in all “money matters”. She works meticulously ensuring that all company day to day financial operations are well looked after.

Kindness, detail-oriented and extremely diligent, Judy encompasses all of these Virgo traits and more. She is an avid reader, enjoys visiting with her family, listening to country music, travelling and scenic drives with her husband.